Styling Tips

Kenzie’s tip

Move slower! A lot of times hair is something that people really care about, but do not spend enough time on.  Adding 10 more minutes into your morning can make a world of difference. Making sure that your hair is 100% dry after you blow dry it, can be the difference between your style lasting a day or even two, to it being unruly after a couple of hours.

When flat ironing, or curling your hair, slowly glide the tool through your hair at an even speed. Racing the flat iron over a section, large or small, will be completely ineffective.

Nat Darne’s Tip

To beat those nasty cowlicks in your fringe the best thing to do is to section your fringe in half.  Take your first section, using a lot of tension to pull it down then blow-dry it with heat, once it is dry use the cooling button.  This will mould the hair into place, repeat technique with your last section. This will get rid of any annoying cowlicks you might have in your fringe.

Amra’s Tip

Never stop trying until you achieve what you want.

Kate’s Tip

To create volume at the roots without it looking fuzzy.  Tease the hair at the roots, spray hairspray in the teased section, then run your fingers through to the ends of your hair with a little ‘Defrizz Shine Serum’.  This will get rid of the fuzzies.

Natty’s Tip

My styling tip is…….finger dry your hair without a brush, section thick chunks of hair, curl with a ghd iron, spray with a light weight hair spray then brush it with  a paddle brush ..and wwwoooooooo you got that Victoria Secret look happening baby lol

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