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This range is Australian made and owned, it has low travel miles as it comes from Coolum. We are so lucky! The whole range is not certified but most of the products within the range have certification. The philosophy of this company is one we stand behind.

The shampoos and conditioners are very cleansing, moisturising and great to work with. We love the range of styling products. Between the two ranges all the styling needs are met.

So Pure Products

The total range is not organically certified, however most of the products are certified. This is excellent because you know exactly what you are getting. The So Pure range is beautiful to work with. The shampoos and conditioners leave the hair feeling soft and rich.

Krop Hair Krop Hair believes in using Keune colours, as Keune is one of the cleanest colours on the market. There are now so many colour companies that are pitching to the organic market, it is a mine field. Our research shows there is not any colour that contains only organic ingredients. Colour companies are now adding plant based and organic ingredients into hair colour which is great, but we still think the main priority should be to have cleanest chemical content. Professional hair colour that will lighten and add depth still requires chemical content to deliver these results. If you would like to get into the details, colours either have Ammonia or Ethanolamine or its cousins MEA or DEA. Ammonia is considered the bad enemy but if it is replaced with Ethanolamine this replacement ingredient can be better as it has a lower ph level, but it depends on the quantity. The quantity when replaced can be as high as 16% compared to 1% Ammonia. Equally there is the argument between PPD’s and PTD’s again it is much the same thing. You really need to know what replacement ingredients are being used and what percentage is being added.


Jasmin Aromatique Organics

I have personally been looking for a certified organic skin care range for over 5 years. I was not able to find a whole range that is certified until now. I thought if I had this much trouble finding something I was happy to put onto my skin, then other people would have the same problem. So I decided to bring this amazing product into the salon.

Jasmin is a certified organic skin care range. This means a minimum of 95% of all ingredients in each product is from a true certified organic source. Jasmin have a wide range of products to meet every skin type. Please visit their website to see their range These products are truly world class with a soft rich beautiful feel, we are lucky to have found them.

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