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2017 at Hair Expo was packed full of action for the Kropettes.  Nine of us made the trip to Sydney, which was inspiring in itself to have so many of the team wanting to see the latest in national and international hair design, products and trends in Hair fashion.

Amra hurt her leg just before we left to go to Expo.  So we organized a wheel chair for her to get around.  The expo was full of hair models, look and learn shows and the best in new hair fashions and ideas.  Lots of industry suppliers were there as well, so we got to see what new products are coming out and if any were organic! One thing we realized from the event is that Krop is certainly (and humbly) on the right trek as being a leader in organic hair care practices. The highlight for most of the team was the Day with Keune and thanks to Amra and her temporary use of a wheelchair, we got front row seats and felt very special indeed!  We saw over 80 models get their hair done in some amazing styles on stage, such a massive show with so many talented artists from all over the world.  Definitely inspiring and worth it.  A big thanks to Kay from Norris for our tickets!

We also went to the Keune Foundation Ball – fancy dress Harajuku style.  We had such a great time dressing and going absolutely crazy with hair and make-up.  Keune always outdoes themselves and the ball was amazing, full of crazy hairdressers having the best time.  We also got to meet a lot of the Artists from the stage show, which was a real treat. Exhausted, though feeling very inspired by what we had experienced in Sydney, the team arrived home on the Monday night.  Needless to say everyone was keen to get home, refresh and then get back to our treasured clients on Tuesday.

Please ask us about our Sydney trip, we would love to share it with you.

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