Krop Hair provides a different choice in hairdressing. We offer an organic choice in styling and a cleaner choice in hair colour. As the owner of Krop Hair, Andrea prides herself on trying to offer what she calls “the cleanest choice possible”. Research is undertaken every 12 to 18 months depending on what changes are occurring in the market. This research involves understanding the chemical content of colours and choosing the colour that has the cleanest chemical content to deliver professional and consistent results.

Our philosophy at Krop is to be as chemically clean as possible and to reduce the impact our salon has on the environment. Everything is carefully thought about, from the products used on your hair through to what we use to clean the salon. Krop Hair is a part of sustainable salons, a system dedicated to recycling 95% of our salon waste to keep it out of landfill and repurpose it to help the environment. Additionally, we are also a part of a greener future, investing in carbon offset for the salon.

We are constantly training our team and incorporating the latest trends in colour, styling and cutting. Krop Hair staff regularly attends Sydney’s Hair Expo to ensure that we are aware of new techniques, products and trends.

At Krop Hair we strive to create a relaxing, caring environment. Our space has a private basin room and café style refreshments. Our team creates a different experience for you, offering best customer service and products whilst having a social conscience and caring for the earth.

Who says you can’t have it all